child therapy

Healthy Patterns of Behavior Promote Healthy Development

It is important to start therapy when the child is having behavioral problems. When the child is relieved of symptoms and distress, new patterns will be established. Healthy patterns promotes healthy development.      

A Comprehensive Approach

A comprehensive approach to child therapy focuses on returning the individual and family to balance and wellness. This includes play therapy, family therapy, interfacing with the school system when needed, and consulting with the pediatrician to create a comprehensive, therapeutic approach. 

Play Therapy

Play therapy is an effective modality of treatment to help the child process his or her needs in the safe environment of the therapist's office.  Play therapy helps the child work through feelings and conflict when it is difficult to use words.

Sandplay therapy uses sand, water, and miniatures with freedom to do what one wants to do in the sand tray. Using this media while feeling protected by a non-intruding therapist helps the child work through emotions and conflict. This combination holds the potential for healing and wellness.   

Family Therapy Supports Your Child's Therapy

Family therapy supports the child with the focus on restoring balance and wellness.  In family therapy, parent-child interactive therapy, and filial play therapy, parents participate in the process of therapy.